What next steps should we all expect from Apple after the release of the ARKit?

Android owns over 80% of the worldwide smartphone market, therefore, it’s no surprise that most companies are now focused on development and improvement of existing VR headsets for Android devices. Currently smartphone-powered Gear VR can be purchased for $120 and Oculus is planning to release its next wireless headset that will cost approximately $200 the next year.

As the hardware becomes more user-friendly and accessible speaking of the price VR technology continues penetrating into the masses. We’re all wondering what should we expect from Apple.

Previously there has been a lot of rumors indicating Apple’s interest in both AR and VR. The release of ARKit once again proved that the company is not going to stay aside the growing popularity of AR/VR. Many developers all over the world have already tested ARKit SDK and were impressed by the end-results. This marker less technology pushes the boundaries of AR unlocking its potential in different industries, from construction and design up to the art and education.

Apple products definitely have an enormous potential for VR/AR technologies. So, what next steps will Apple make towards VR/AR in 2017?

VR support is included in Metal 2 in macOS High Sierra, and in iOS 11. The two most popular cross-platform engines Unity and Unreal Engine will support Metal 2 VR development on macOS.

According to rumors the company is actively working on the development of its own hardware for AR and VR, including VR headset, Augmented reality smart glasses and Augmented reality Camera additions.

An actual release of these products will probably revolutionize the way we perceive VR/AR today. Interesting to see, how will Android developers react and will that influence the Android platform dominance in the world smartphone market? How much will cost Apple’s AR/VR hardware and whet it will become so widely accessible as Android-powered devices? Share your thoughts and predictions with us in the comment section below!

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