What game genres are the perfect choice for mobile devices?

There are game genres that aren’t suitable for mobile devices at all. For example, first-person shooters, where everything depends on controlling- no one will argue that all the virtual buttons and controllers necessary for a shooter are difficult to place on a small or mid-sized touchscreen.

On the other hand, there are other examples of games that are nearly perfect for mobile devices. So, here’s the top 7 game genres that seem to be ideally designed for touchscreens:


A huge number of endless runners on iOS and Android can be explained by the fact that this genre works great on touchscreens, and it does not cause any doubts. TempleRun 2 is a great example of such genre of games. It offers gamers to feel themselves like a real Indiana Jones.

The gameplay of the game is focused around a gamer competing with himself in the hope of setting another record and moving forward to the top of the leaderboard. Here you will find a lot of unlockable elements and various achievements, and all this together looks very interesting.


The games where everything is controlled via tapping on the screen. Tiny Wings and well-known Flappy Bird are great examples of such games. The gameplay is completely based on a single tap through which the player controls the character. It sounds simple, but, often, these games are not as simple as they might seem at first glance.


Racers also took their own niche on mobile platforms, although this genre is characterized by a wide range of games on almost any platform – starting with consoles and PCs, and ending up with smartphones and tablets.


Who would’ve thought of mixing up match-3 and RPG in one title? That’s right – Japanese! And that’s exactly what they did in Puzzle&Dragons which has become one of the most profitable games in the world of mobile gaming. Its audience is constantly growing, and in Asia this development has no serious competitors – yes, it is so popular.

Puzzle-games in the genre match-3 have acquired new features due to the elements of turn-based battles and the presence of characters, which the player enhances in the progress process, as is usually done in role-playing games.


Adventure games were undeservedly forgotten for some period, and recently they are experiencing the second birth on devices with touchscreens. Basically, these games feature a point-and-click gameplay, which is ideal for touch screens.


Gamebooks are based on books, fairy tales, and legends and are distinguished by a deep plot.


By the genre, games like Super Hexagon resemble endless runners, but this is not exactly an exact definition. Player’s reflexes play a very important in such games, the faster you think and act, the better the result. These games are fun but incredibly difficult to pass, they will be your test for the speed of reaction and will help to improve it.


Clash of Clans is the brightest and the most successful example of the RTS genre. Modern developments in this genre are characterized by a large number of social elements, pleasing with colorful characters and user-friendly controls that look equally good on PCs and mobile devices.

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