Unity has introduced a special course for beginners

Have you ever dreamed of changing your profession and jumping into game development? Or, are you in love with games and want to create your own?

Unity Technologies together with the training platform Pluralsight have launched a course for teaching the development of three-dimensional games using Unity engine from zero level.

Participants are encouraged to master the basic techniques of working with Unity, including writing scripts in C #, animating objects and placing lighting. In addition, the course proposes to study the basics of creating models in 3D editors.

The program includes 23 hours of basic video lessons and about 80 hours of additional content. The Swords and Shovels game will serve as a polygon for practicing the learned skills. The draft game was specially created for training purposes.

According to Unity Technologies, the students who have completed the course will have enough skills to develop a full-fledged game utilizing Unity engine.

Currently, the cost of a month of access to the course is $ 12.

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