This is the list that every Unity developer was looking for!

Who doesn’t like free staff? If you’re looking for free and useful Unity assets then you’re in the right place! Don’t hesitate and check the list of over 180 high quality assets!


  • Behavior Bricks: Behavior Bricks is a state-of-the-art engine for Behavior Trees (BTs) along with an intuitive visual editor.
  • Crystal AI: A Utility based AI for C# and Unity.
  • Goap: Goal oriented action planning AI in Unity.
  • Panda BT Free: Panda BT is a script-based Behaviour Tree engine which allows the authoring of complex, scaleable and reusable logic for your game.
  • TopDown AI: This is an example of Top Down Shooter AI.
  • RAIN AI for Unity: An incredibly powerful path finding and behavior tree based AI plugin for Unity.
  • Unity Movement AI: A library of steering behaviors to help your NPCs move around your game.


  • Google Analytics Plugin: Allows game developers to easily implement Google Analytics in their Unity games on all platforms.


  • Animation Baker: Converts Mecanim animations back to legacy animations.
  • Animated Horse: Animated horse.
  • Huge FBX Mocap Library part 1: Conversion of the Carnegie-Mellon mocap library with 2,534 mocap animations.
  • Huge FBX Mocap Library part 2: Conversion of the Carnegie-Mellon mocap library with 2,534 mocap animations.
  • Huge FBX Mocap Library part 3: Conversion of the Carnegie-Mellon mocap library with 2,534 mocap animations.
  • Magic Pack: 55 awesome magic animation from mixamo.
  • Melee Axe Pack: 55 mixamo animations for axe-wielding, skull bashing, dragon slaying barbaric types.
  • TakeDown Animations: 12 takedowns animations package.


  • InAudio 2: Add great audio to your game in seconds with the new layered music player with crossfading and gap-less transitions.
  • Reaktion: An audio reactive animation toolkit for Unity.


  • EZ Camera Shake: A versatile implementation of procedural camera-shaking animation.
  • GhostFreeRoamCamera: Free flying ghost roaming camera, in a FPS style!
  • RTS camera: Best free camera asset on the Unity asset store.


  • Base Helicopter Controller: Helicopter controller with realistic physics.
  • Helicopter Pack: Cool helicopter & physics systems
  • Third Person Controller – Basic Locomotion FREE: Very high quality AAA Quality 3rd Person Controller with locomotion template.
  • 3rd Person Controller + Fly Mode: This package provides a basic setup for a 3rd person player controller. Includes scripts for the player movements, camera orbit and a Mecanim animator controller, containing basic locomotion (walk, run, sprint, aim & strafe, and also an extra fly mode).


  • SQLite4Unity3d: SQL Lite for Unity 3d.


  • Console Enhanced Free: Console Enhanced Free is an improved editor console for Unity.
  • Debug Panel: Extended Unity console.


  • Log Viewer: Check editor console logs inside the game itself even on mobile.
  • Resource Checker: Shows how much memory textures take to reduce memory usage.
  • ShaderlabVS: Visual Studio Plugin for Unity Shaderlab programming.
  • Unity Test Tools: Test your game with unit test framework, integration test framework, assertion component, ide, batch and test mode runners.
  • VSCode: Seamless support for Microsoft Visual Studio Code in Unity.

Editor Extensions:

  • Inspector Gadgets Lite: Streamline your editor experience with this enhanced Transform Inspector.
  • Weaver Lite: Directly reference assets and layers in your code without any magic strings and generate procedural assets in the Unity Editor.


  • Screen Space Multiple Scattering: This is a replacement for Unity Fog – it is truly stunning!


  • Entitas: The entity component framework for Unity. Entities, pools, groups, observers.
  • Steamworks: A wrapper for Steamworks recommended by the community.
  • SteamWorks: A C# Wrapper for Valve’s Steamworks API, it can be used either with Unity or your C# based application.
  • uFrame ECS Pro: A visual architecture and visual scripting tool based on the industry vetted entity-component-system. It has a very familiar feel to that of Unreal’s blue-prints.
  • uFrame Game Framework: An MVVM/MV* framework designed for the Unity Engine. It comes with a load of features including a graphing/diagramming engine that will generate code and even process some re-factoring.
  • UniRx: A re-implementation of the .NET Reactive Extensions for Unity.
  • UnitySteer: Awesome autonomous agent steering framework for Unity.
  • Universe: A global persistent game manager that lasts across screens.
  • Weaver Lite: Directly reference assets and layers in your code without any magic strings and generate procedural assets in the Unity Editor.
  • Zenject: Awesome looking dependency injection / IOC framework.

Game Toolkit:

  • Fungus: Easy, branching story editor. Was used in a Unity presentation some time ago.

Input Management:

  • InputBinder: Makes it easy for components to respond to axis, button, and key input events.
  • Lean Touch: Multi-platform input library for gestures (both touch and mouse).
  • LeapMotion: Leap motion development page and downloads.
  • TouchKit: TouchKit aims to make touch handling in Unity more sane.
  • TouchScript: TouchScript is a multi-touch library for Unity. Makes handling complex gesture interactions on touch surfaces easier.

Inventory Management:

  • Inventory System: The Inventory System & Editor Extension is a complete Inventory, Item and Character Sheet solution providing loads of neatly organized and documented parameters allowing full customization of UI as well as gameplay features with little to no coding.


  • Arcadia: Clojure for Unity.
  • MoonSharp: Community recommended Lua interpreter written in C# for maximum compatibility.
  • UniLua: Implementation of LUA for Unity.


  • Cinema Themes 2 – Color Grading LUTS Library: Awesome set of free LUTS for your projects.
  • Day and Night Cycle with Scattering And Movement: A simple day and night cycle system with moving clouds.
  • Simple LUT Adjuster: Change colour lookup, hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and sharpness.
  • Simple Light Probe Placer: A tool for helps you to easily place light probes in your scene.
  • SpriteLights: Render thousands of Physically Based lights in a single batch.
  • True Volumetric Lights (Open Source): Its expensive perf wise – but the effect is just beautiful!


  • Lean Localization: Simplifies localization.


  • Simple Geometry Painter: A simple geometry painter
  • Maze Generator: Generates complex non-cycled mazes with different algorithms.
  • Mesh Baker Free: Combine meshes and textures to reduce draw calls.
  • RealTime Painting: Real time mesh painting
  • Vertex Painter: Free mesh painting asset from an industry pro

Music & Sound:

  • Free Music Archive: It’s not just free music; it’s good music.
  • org: Awesome searchable sound library.
  • xyz: Massive royalty free audio collection.
  • Julian Ray Sound Library: Over 400 sounds and growing.
  • Laser Construction Kit: Sound effects pack with a lot of high-quality scifi sounds.
  • Middle Age – Medieval Action Sound FX Pack: Medieval action sound FX pack.
  • Retro Sound Effects: 500+ 8 bit audio sound effects for retro games.
  • Sonniss GDC 2016: Amazing sound sampler packs from Sonniss for GDC 2016.
  • Sonniss GDC 2017: Amazing sound sampler packs from Sonniss for GDC 2017.
  • Unreleased Game Music Pack: Awesome music pack from a game that never got released.


  • Photon Unity Networking Free: Easily add multiplayer to your games and launch them globally with the included FREE Photon Cloud plan.
  • Unity HTTP: A TcpClient-based HTTP library for Unity.


  • LibNoise: A port of the LibNoise framework for Unity. Great if you are doing procedural content generation.
  • WangScape: Not unity, but very interesting anyway, wang tiles are a way of breaking up terrain tiling.

Particle Systems:

  • Elemental Free: 96 fantastic Shuriken particles that are categorized to 8 kinds of element.
  • Fire and Spell Effects: Flamethrower, fireballs and meteor swarms and more.
  • KY Magic Effects Free: This package includes 10 free magic game effects.
  • Unity Particle Pack: Really awesome free particles from Unity.


  • Aron Granbergs A* Pathfinding Project: One of the best path finding solutions for Unity.
  • A Star Pathfinding for Unity: A* Pathfinder for Unity. It includes 3 axis path finding and multi-threading.
  • AStart: Unity project for Lurendium tutorial about basics of a* pathfinding.
  • OpenPath: An automated, very simple A* path finding package for Unity.


  • ObjectPool: This script reduces garbage collection and therefore jitter by pooling instances.
  • RecyclerKit – An object pooling system that is super easy to use from Prime31.

Post FX/Shaders:

  • Deferred Night Vision: AAA quality night vision effect if you’re using deferred rendering.
  • KinoGlitch: A collection of glitch video effects.
  • KvantSpray: GPU accelerated object instancing/particle animation system for Unity. Very cool!
  • Legacy Unity Cinematic Image Effects: Awesome Post FX. If using 5.5 and up use the Unity Post Processing Stack above instead.
  • Legacy Image Effects: This package contains the Image Effects previously shipped as part of Unity’s Standard Assets.
  • Lightning Bolt Effect for Unity: Customizable lightning asset.
  • Lux: Fantastic open source physically based shader framework for unity.
  • Melee Weapon Trail: Add “swoosh” trail effects suitable for attacks of your characters.
  • Post Processing Stack: Amazing Free and Fast Post Processing Stack from Unity. Must have for Unity 5.5 and up!
  • Shader case Study – Pokemon Battle Transitions: Video tutorial plus shaders.
  • ShaderProject : All sorts of handy shaders –
  • ApplyTexture, Blending, AdditiveBlending, AlphaBlending, CombineTextures, Dissolve, DiscardingFragments, FlatColor, FlatRGBColor, GeometryShaders, GrabPass, BlackWhite, Blur, GlassStained, Pixelation, PixelShifting, Tint, Zoom, Masks, AlphaMask, ColorMask, ColorAlphaMask, NormalExtrusion, NormalMapping, PostProcessing, BlackWhite, BlendModes, BrightnessSaturationContrast, DepthTexture, Overlay, Pixelation, Tint, RotationUV, RotationVertices, Shading, Diffuse, DiffuseLighting, Phong, Phong-Blinn, Silhuette, StencilBuffer, TextureAtlas, ToonShading, VertexManipulation, Flag, Scale, VolumetricExplosion, Water, Waves
  • SMAA for Unity3D: Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing for Unity3D.
  • Temporal Reprojection Anti-Aliasing: TRAA for Unity.
  • Toon Shader Free: A free toon shader – render your 3d models in a toon style.
  • Unity 5 Effects: Temporal screen space reflections, screen space shadows, screen space boolean, rim light, water surface and caustics, light particles, procedural modelling, metaball, temporal SSAO, mosaic field.
  • UnityPCSS : Implementation of NVidia “PCSS” or “Percentage Closer Soft Shadows”.


  • EasyRoads3D Free: The free version of what is probably the best roads asset for Unity. Works well with with Gaia terrains.

Scene & Art Creation:

  • Ikari Vertex Painter: Vertex painting on objects
  • ProBuilder Basic: Building prototype levels easily.
  • UPA Toolkit: Pixel Art Editor: Making Pixel Art inside Unity.


  • FullSerializer: Easy to use and robust JSON serializer that just works.


  • Kode 80 Volumetric clouds: Pretty amazing real time volumetric clouds.
  • 8 Ocean HRDI’s: A collection of 8 stunning ocean HDRI’s for skyboxes.
  • Free HDR Sky: Some sample 4k HDRI skyboxes.
  • Sky5X One: A set of five free beautiful sky boxes.
  • Unity HDRI Pack: This is a pack of 7 8192×4096 HDR images shot in different locations around the world.


  • Spawner – Free: Very easy simple spawner system for unity.


  • Generic Terrain Brushes: 35 Very handy terrain brushes. Useful for sculpting your terrain or painting textures.
  • Procedural Cave Generator: Procedurally generate ready to use caves.
  • Realistic Terrain Collection LITE: 5 textured high quality terrains, 6 textures, 2.5km x 2.5km.


  • TextMesh Pro: The best text asset on the store.


  • Free Seamless Textures: Free seamless textures
  • Teilas Seamless Textures: More free and categorised textures.
  • UnityBitmapDrawing: Bitmap Drawing API extension methods for the Texture2D class.

Thread Management:

  • Thread Ninja – Multi Threaded CoRoutines : This asset helps you write multi-thread co-routines.

Tweening Libraries:

  • DOTween (HOTween v2): A very nice tweening library optimised for C# and nicely integrated into Unity.
  • LeanTween: An efficient tween engine for Unity that offers a many features.

Tutorials (also a great source of free assets):

  • Adam Exterior Environment: The Exterior environment from the Adam demo.
  • Adventure – Sample Game: Explore the makings of a point-and-click adventure game, complete with simple inventory system and data persistence examples with this fully-commented complete project, as used to teach Unite 2016’s Training Day.
  • Space Shooter Tutorial: Space Shooter tutorial Project on Unity’s Tutorial area.
  • Tanks Tutorial: This 2 player 1 keyboard couch warfest sees you building a complete tank shooter from scratch.
  • The Blacksmith Environments: All environment assets from “The Blacksmith” short film.
  • Vehicle Tools: Sample project tools to rig wheeled vehicles and easily create suspension for physics-based wheel colliders.
  • 2D Platformer: Showcasing 2D features a platform shooter demo.
  • 2D Roguelike: Learn how to make a 2D Roguelike game.


  • Unity UI Extensions: Extension project for the new Unity UI system.


  • Autosaver: Editor extension that allows for auto-saving your work.
  • BitStrap: A bunch of handy utilities that allow you to bootstrap a new Unity project.
  • Door Manager Script: A handy script to open and close doors in game.
  • FrameCapturer: Captures frames to pictures and videos. Supports png, gif, mp4, exr.
  • Instant Screenshot: Handy screen shot taking system.
  • Klak: Noise, random numbers, interpolation, extensions, image writer, procedural motion, event wiring.
  • LINQ to Game Object for Unity: Traverse GameObject Hierarchy by LINQ.
  • More Effective Coroutines: Memory Efficient Coroutines is an improved implementation of the standard co routines that runs blazing fast and has zero per-frame memory allocations.
  • Random Duplicate: A utility to duplicate an object with random size and rotation.
  • Previously Paid: A collection of previosly commercial unity assets.
  • Secured PlayerPrefs: Encrypt/decrypt PlayerPrefs.
  • Simple Finite State Machine: State machine designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.
  • Tiny Lab Productions Library: Awesome collection of utilities. Android utils, bitmap, promises, futures, co-routine helpers, alloc free iterators, extensions, json parser / emitter, oprion, lazy, tupe, try, unit and many more useful utilities. Well worth a look!
  • Unity Color Picker: A color picker for Unity.
  • Unity3D-ComponentAttribute: An attribute that let’s you auto-load components.
  • Unity Toolbag: A bunch of handy Unity extension utilities. Very handy.
  • Zone Controller Free: Allows you to control the properties of ANY other Unity component at runtime. Create stunning and smooth transition effects on your favorite Unity components with just a few clicks. Very powerful!

Virtual Reality:

  • Google VR SDK for Unity: Build virtual reality applications for Android and iOS using the Google VR SDK for Unity.
  • HoloToolkit-Unity: A collection of scripts and components to accelerate development of applications targeting Windows Holographic.
  • Project Tango UnitySDK Examples: the Project Tango UnitySDK examples and tutorial projects for Unity 5 and above.
  • SteamVR Plugin: The Steam VR plugin for Unity.
  • Steam VR Unity Toolkit: A collection of useful scripts and prefabs for building SteamVR titles in Unity 5.
  • The Lab Renderer: The scripts and shaders that drove rendering in The Lab for HTC Vive. Forward renderer with support for up to 18 dynamic shadowing lights in a single pass with MSAA enabled, and it included the Adaptive Quality system that dynamically adjusts rendering resolution to maintain framerate in VR.
  • Newton VR: A virtual reality interaction system for unity based on physics.
  • VRTK: Virtual reality scripting toolkit, a collection of useful scripts and prefabs for building VR titles in Unity 5.
  • VR Samples: VR Samples from Unity.

Visual Scripting:

  • Behavior Bricks: Behavior Bricks is a state-of-the-art engine for Behavior Trees (BTs) along with an intuitive visual editor.
  • Panda BT Free: Panda BT is a script-based Behaviour Tree engine which allows the authoring of complex, scaleable and reusable logic for your game.
  • uScript Personal Learning Edition: uScript is a fully featured visual scripting system developed by industry veterans of award-winning “AAA” games.


  • Olanders Realistic Weather: Very high-quality weather system from a quality developer.

2D Assets:

  • Super Powers Asset Packs: Asset packs for medieval, fantasy, ninja, prehistory, space shooters, top down shooters etc.
  • CraftPix Freebie Assets: Awesome collection of beautiful 2D spritesheets and backgrounds.

3D Models:

  • Blacksmith: A small but quality sample from the Village Exteriors Kit.
  • Cactus Pack: Pack of desert plants and rocks with hand-painted, atlased textures.
  • Destroyed City FREE: Post apocalyptic city construction site.
  • Free SciFi Fighter: Beautiful spaceship fighter model.
  • Free Rocks: Add realistic rocks to your game.
  • Industrial Objects Pack: 20 industrial props.
  • Low Poly Free Pack: This pack includes a selection of 52 models from the huge and ever growing Low Poly: Full Pack!
  • Make Your Fantasy Game Lite: 60+ assets to create your own cemetery scene.
  • Man in a Suit: As the name implies textured and ready for Mecanim.
  • MCS Female: Free MCS female character.
  • MCS Female Sci-Fi Bundle 01: A bundle of sci-fi content compatible with MCS Female Lite.
  • MCS Male: Free MCS male character.
  • MCS Male Wood Elf Scout: A a selection of fantasy content compatible with MCS Male Lite.
  • Mini Mike’s Mini Metros: An urban collection of over 400 low poly models for building a small city.
  • Modern Russian Assault Rifle: Nice looking assault rifle.
  • Modern Weapons Pack: Some excellent free weapons for your fps shooter.
  • Modular Building Pack: Over 100 low poly modular building blocks.
  • MYFG – Weapon Pack Lite: 20 Medieval/Fantasy weapons
  • Nature Starter Kit 1: Start creating outdoor scenes, including a simple grass texture, 4 rocks and a tree.
  • Nature Starter Kit 2: Create your own forests and meadows with this free asset pack!
  • Planet Earth Free: The #1 Planet Earth Package.
  • Rocks & Boulders: A free rocks and boulders pack from one of the best modellers on the store.
  • Rock and Boulders 2: Another free rock and boulders pack from Manufactura K4.
  • Sci Fi Officer Captain: Mecanim ready.
  • Simple Modular Street Kit: Snap together these assets to create roads in unity.
  • Simple Town Lite: A low poly asset pack of vehicles, buildings and props to create an urban city based game.
  • Stylized Simple Cartoon City: A pack of stylized buildings, trees, bushes, cars, military vehicles, planes (including military), characters (with animations) and props.
  • Survival Starter Kit Vol1: 40 props and weapons.
  • Town Houses Pack: Collection of highly detailed low-poly 3d buildings.
  • Unity-chan!: Lovely toon model from Unity.
  • UMA 2: Really brilliant humanoid avatar system.
  • Watercraft Pack: Various ships, boats and other watercraft.

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