This fall will be hot starting with VRDC 2017 in September

We definitely know that it’s better to see once than talk about it a hundred times! BidOn Games Studio will join VRDC 2017 that will be held in San Francisco September 21-22.

VRDC Fall 2017 brings together creators of amazing, immersive virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences to share best practices and demo new technology.

This is a great chance to meet with designers, programmers, business professionals, producers, artists, and audio creators, best practices, gain an understanding of the market and monetization trends, create new business partnerships, and exchange ideas with innovators shaping the industry.

This event brings together all kinds of industries, including:

  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Retail & Commercial
  • Industrial Design
  • Training
  • Live Events

We believe that the future starts today and love tackling new technical challenges pushing the boundaries of innovative technologies.

If you’re looking for a tech partner in the field of VR/AR development, drop us a line to schedule a personal meeting with our co-founder Roman Chemerys at VRDC, find out more about our team, share your experience.

BidOn Games Studio is a technical workshop, specialized in Unity/C# development, as well as VR/AR solutions for various needs and industries, including advertising, marketing, automotive industry, design, manufacturing, entertainment, education, retail real estate and much more. Our team:

  • 17 Unity/C# programmers
  • 2 2D Artists
  • 2 3D Artists/Animators
  • 3 Project Managers

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