Reliable outsourcing partner: myth or reality?

Is it possible to find a reliable outsourcing partner without taking any serious risks? Nowadays given the global economic situation and globalization processes many companies turn to outsource when it comes to game/app/AR/VR development. There are many obvious reasons why such type of business can be a lot more profitable than hiring new stuff and expanding the startup/company.

However, there is always BUT. Those who have experience relying on outsource will tell you that finding a good reliable partner can take time and money, in some cases it can cost reputation. So, what are the options?

Nowadays there are many outsourcing platforms aimed at connecting clients with potential developers. They have different policies of security as well payment/fee systems. Some are aimed at individual providers others – at professional studious.

We believe that such platforms as Clutch offer clients an access to the database of proven and reliable developers. Searching for the most suitable developers they can chose the desired parameters and the service will provide the list of top qualified companies based on them.

Company registered at Clutch are obliged to provide references from past clients describing the finished or ongoing projects, including the complexity, rates (budgets), challenges, terms, and all the relevant contacts. Note, the references are approved and published only if the company passes the checking and verifying procedure, meaning that the client had proved the information specified and answered all the questions asked by a Clutch representative. Check out an example of such profile here (BidOn Games Studio).

Another way to prove the partners they can trust the company at an early stages of cooperation is implementing simple and quick test projects demonstrating the level of company’s expertise and communication.

So, anytime you’ll be looking for a dev team be sure you chose the one you can trust!

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