Niantic and John S. and James L. Knight Foundation are preparing something truly exciting for Pokémon GO fans

Niantic plans to organize massive events for the Pokémon GO and Ingress players in the United States. For this event, the company plans to block traffic on the streets.

According to 9to5mac, Niantic, company-developer of AR-games such as Pokémon GO and Ingress, together with the non-profit John S. and James L. Knight Foundation wants to arrange a number of events for the players in public places in the cities across the United States.

As part of the events, companies plan to use the applications to drive players along planned routes that will include those places in the real world that players can interact with (including PokéStops and Gyms).

Niantic with John S. and James L. Knight Foundation already work with representatives of city administrations, coordinating the processions and asking to temporarily block traffic along the routes, “to enable people to use the streets for walking, cycling, dancing and socialization”.

The first event of such is scheduled on May 7-th in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. It will be held as part of another event –  Open Streets 704 which temporarily blocks the movement of cars on the streets of the city.

The first event will be experimental. The route map for Pokémon GO players is already ready for you to check out:

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