Grow your business following the latest tech trends: How does virtual reality change the advertising business?

Virtual reality era of prosperity is just beginning. According to the Google Trends, the number of requests related to virtual reality has experienced its peak at the end of 2016. And at the moment, many professionals still have one question: how will virtual reality affect the advertising industry?

Virtual reality for everyone

Why this technology has become so popular nowadays? This phenomenon was facilitated by the popularity and increasing quality of smartphones. Using an ordinary cardboard, we can turn almost any smartphone into a virtual reality headset. Google has distributed millions of cardboard VR-glasses for smartphones (Google Cardboard) so that everyone could experience virtual reality. YouTube remains the largest library of VR-content since here any video can be viewed in VR mode.

Virtual reality technology has a huge potential, and it can change a lot – from the way we communicate to leisure and recreation.

What to expect from VR?

Today, the cinematography is the most popular branch in terms of storytelling. But when we look at the screens, we act just as spectators, not participants. Virtual reality will make you feel as if you are right in the middle of the events. Such effect provides users with unforgettable feelings. Thanks to VR you can watch the NBA game or the Beyoncé concert from the first row, “travel” to the most beautiful places on our planet without leaving home.

Virtual reality is like teleportation or a time-travelling. For example, having recorded important moments of your life on the camera of virtual reality, in 20 years you’ll be able to watch this record and feel as if you return to the past. Memories will become real as never before!

Feel it yourself

Virtual reality goes beyond simple panoramic (360-degree) videos, adding depth. With the VR-headset image becomes three-dimensional giving the user a feeling of immersion. In addition, the system of spatial sound allows hearing sounds from all sides lust like in the real world.

VR allows viewers to become active participants. Authors of sports, news, educational and fashion-related videos offer to experience completely new sensations. Spectators can really feel the tickling in the belly, sitting in the cockpit of a jet fighter. New York Times demonstrates the problem of poverty allowing to feel yourself in the place of poor children in different parts of the world. Thanks to virtual tours, students can visit different interesting places and learn new facts without leaving a classroom. Fashion lovers can watch shows organized the most famous designers and brands sitting right next to the podium.

The basic questions for businesses planning to dive in VR

Virtual reality is no longer a novelty. This technology has real applications. Will your business benefit from it? To find out, simply answer these 4 quick questions:

  1. Will virtual reality provide your target audience with a unique experience?

If you’ll use the main advantages of VR, for example, “journey” to a beautiful place, immersion in a new world, the possibility of research, then the answer is yes.

  1. Will virtual reality help buyers better understand your product?

According to a study conducted by Ericsson ConsumerLab, shopping was the main reason for buying smartphones with VR. 64% of respondents indicated that they are interested in the opportunity to see the product in real size.

  1. Do you have something to show with the help of VR?

Always think of your content. Will it be interesting? What will the user remember and feel after experiencing it? Will the user have a possibility to interact with the content?

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