BidOn Games Studio shows off the first Demo: Grand premiere of Vuforia 7 and its surface recognition capability

Vuforia SDK has been used by developers within the last couple of years as one of the best marker recognition AR technologies. The end of 2017 celebrated the release of two game-changing marker-less technologies: ARKit SDK and ARCore SDK. Both SDKs are native meaning can be used only for iOS and Android devices respectively.

Vuforia 7 is finally released and it breaks these boundaries, as its cross-platform, meaning developers no longer have to build two projects for different mobile platforms. Moreover, it provides the same stability of digital models, in terms of placing the objects on top of a horizontal surface, as the native SDKs.

BidOn Games Studio one of the first developers in the market has developed the first Demo using Vuforia SDK and Unity/C# to test and demonstrate on practice the newly released 7-th version, and its worth seeing:

As you see, the video proves the high stability of the car model used for Demo. Aside from the surface detection, the app also has the following features: moving the model, rotation, zoom, start engine, press accelerator, particles of smoke, rotating wheels, running engine.

Check out these astonishing features of Vuforia 7:

Vuforia Model Targets recognize objects by shape, in contrast to existing methods that rely on detailed visual designs typically found on print media, product packaging and many consumer goods. Model Targets are perfect for attaching digital content to industrial equipment, automobiles or home appliances.

Vuforia Ground Plane enables digital content to be placed on the ground, floor, or tabletop, providing an ideal solution for you to build visualization apps, ranging from in-home furniture shopping to AR design reviews. Ground Plane will support a wide range of devices starting with ARKit enabled iOS devices – and extending to the broadest range of popular Android and iOS devices.

Vuforia Fusion, is a new capability designed to solve the problem of fragmentation in AR enabling technologies such as cameras, sensors, chipsets, and software frameworks like ARKit and ARCore. With Vuforia Fusion, your application will automatically provide the best experience possible with no extra work required on your end.

Impressed with the new AR technology capability, looking for VR or Game developers? BidOn Games Studio is ready to assist, don’t hesitate, contact us!

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