Augmented restaurant menus – the new reality of business

Those of you who are familiar with the augmented reality technology have already seen dozens of thousands of different examples of its use in different spheres of life and business. However, with the recent ARKit SDK the list of AR demos for business has been significantly expanded.

Last week BidOn Games Studio has presented its own ARKit demo featuring Ford model. The video was filmed right at the parking lot and the digital live-like car model appears right among real cars, you can even see people walking by!

As we said, this car model can be replaced with any other model or product and used by various businesses to promote their services/goods, for showcasing, advertising. Here’s an example of ARKit demo presented by KabaQ that demonstrates AR menu for a restaurant:

The demo looks interesting and quite simple at the same time. We hope to see in the feature similar examples where the users will be actually capable of interacting with the digital content overlaying the real-life surfaces. Imagine having an ability to combine different types of hamburger components on a virtual dish right in front of you, like pepper, onions, tomatoes, sauces, buns, meat, etc. to create one-of-a-kind burger by your own unique recipe! Then sent your order just in one click!

The same method could be applied to cocktails, deserts and other types of meal! Who know how will the restaurants look in feature, all we know, is that technology changes everything around us and the restaurant business in no exception!

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