Apple adds new dimensions to Augmented Reality introducing ARKit SDK

Last summer we saw the rise of massive adoption of AR thanks to the most downloadable app called Pokemon Go. And this summer is not an exception: AR continues surprising users offering new experiences.

It’s not a secret that Apple has long been interested in augmented reality. Now working in this direction gave the first fruits. After several months of rumors about the upcoming technology of augmented reality from Apple, the company announced it’s AR platform designed for iOS. ARKit from Apple for the first time offers developers a set of tools for creating AR applications specifically for the iPhone and iPad.

Like other new features of iOS 11, the disclosure of the whole ARKit potential requires a certain amount of time. However, the potential can be assessed right now, since Apple demonstrated a couple of demos created with the help of this new technology.

The main advantage of ARKit SDK compared with the Vuforia SDK, for example, is that it offers the potential of creating target-less applications, meaning that there is no need of printing and positioning different markers in order to bring the digital content into the physical world.

BidOn Games Studio has been successfully creating AR apps using Unity and Vuforia and now experimenting with ARKit. This technology identifies flat horizontal surfaces, as well as light, allowing positioning life-like digital models precisely on top of them. These models can be scaled meaning that users can view models inside or outside the premises, walk inside the model if speaking, for example, about a house model.

The emergence of new technologies uncovers additional advantages of AR. Using different SDKs for different purposes developers can now create a wider range of useful applications proving that AR has a lot more potential that just entertainment and fun.

Stay tuned and we’ll surprise you with our new demo created using ARKit.

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